The weather forecast for Pula is that sound wave splashes are expected over Fort Punta Christo in the second half of July. This is a common phenomenon happening at the fort for the last eleven years as, at this time of the year, the force of great enthusiasm of the audience unites with the creative energy of the great music performed at the Seasplash Festival.

Make a Splash

Seasplash Festival is a five-day long music event organized by Seasplash NGO with the idea to promote and support socially engaged music and genres such as reggae, dub, rock, ska, dubstep, hip-hop, world as well as electronic Croatian and regional music. By choosing different music genres, the organizers’ idea was to promote peace, love and tolerance among all the visitors. The festival has also an educational component in its program, offering various creative workshops dealing with the techniques of DJ-ing and the sound engineering and production. It also provides educational courses, where the attendees can learn about organization of the festival and the use of renewable energy at the music festivals.


Splash of the Sound

The rich repertoire includes the performances of both local and international artists.

Livesplash stage, Soundsplash Stage, Dubsplash Stage, Electrosplash Stage, Chillsplash Stage and recently introduced Beachsplash Stagehave featured some of the best regional and world performers such as Adrian Sherwood, Zion Train,Prti Bee Gee, Red Five Point Star,Baga Sound, Said 5, Dreadzone, O.B.F. Sound System, RUTS DC Feat, Molara, etc.

Seasplash Festival is all about improvement and further development. It is no surprise then that each new edition of the festival brings novelties and improvements in repertoire choice and visualization. At the 11th edition of the festival, the new stage was introduced, Clashsplash, fusing Soundplash with Dubsplash stages thus creating a venue where one sound system is opposed to another. The idea behind this fusion was to display how joint energy can create a positive vibe.

Furthermore, by releasing the first Seasplash Rhythm album, the festival takes a step further in the promotion of the local sound system culture and bass music scene, which originated in parallel with Seasplash festival. The album will include the songs of the following artists:207, Antenat, Bamwise, Banana Zvuk ft Zan Jakopac, Brain Holidays, Chakka, Digitron Sound, Dubble ft Yuri, Egoless, Filip Motovunski, Rahmanee, St!Llness, Tricky D, and Waitapu.


Why Seasplash?

Seasplash  Festival is not just a mere music festival, it is a cultural whole offering to its attendees a little bit of everything: social activism, cultural and educational program, music workshops, chill out area, festival market and superbly organized daily program at the great beaches of Istria. The entire festival is very inviting, Besides, the weather forecast is looking good.