Since 1999, August brings thousands of people from all over the globe to the secluded valley in Hungarian village Ozora, a site of the renowned top-five psychedelic music festival O.Z.O.R.A. Situated only 80 miles south of Budapest and 217 miles north of Belgrade, Ozora is easy to reach. Conceptualized on the notion of connectedness, it provides round-the-clock going psychedelic music to the visitors treated as tribal community whose members are all united with their social and physical surroundings.


The festival brings together music lovers, musicians, performers, DJs, organizers and activists all together to experience the primeval creative, unifying force. The entire village is built for the purpose of the festival. The impressive imagination and visionary art works joined with the music vibes create a magical, mythical setting, i.e. a jovial little out-of-this-world village of nature and people lovers, celebrating life to the psychedelic sounds of dance and chill-out music. The festival and the movement it promotes, i.e. the creative force of loving and sharing, is getting more and more popular each year. That this place is truly a paradise on Earth becomes obvious the second you pass the entrance gate with the welcoming sign saying, “Welcome to Paradise.”


The festival has two stages, main stage and chill-out stage, so you can choose between the moods you feel more in. The main stage hosts some of the greatest names and music projects in the psychedelia world such as Hallucinogen (UK), Juno Reactor (UK), Talamsca (France) etc., while the chill-out stage is designated for those interested in relaxation, ambient music, and meditation. Another venue worthy to be visited is Magic Garden, which is conceived as communal center where visitors can see and learn about traditional medicines, relaxation and meditation techniques, visionary art and self-expression. To reflect the real village, the festival village also has a bazaar, where one can find arts-and-crafts products, handmade jewelry, clothes and other products, as well as try different international dishes, from Thai Cuisine to Hungarian goulash.


The site of the festival is planned as a big playground; it includes merry-go-rounds ridden to the music rhythm, and labyrinth, the maze of corn stalks that hides secret paths for people to get lost in them. At this magical fair, everything is bursting with life, positive energy and enthusiasm. The crowd gathered at the fire hearth dances around it, while the performances of professional dancers evoke the primeval tribal atmosphere and communal spirit. The shows of fire dancers, nymphs and satyrs, a setting built from the four natural elements, the ethereal sound blaring in the background all create a dynamic atmosphere where festival goers feel free to dance in mud, run around in crowds, embrace everything offered to them.

This festival represents an alternative to the choice of life philosophy. It is a message that mankind can have a better future, one without violence, demolition or wars.