Ever since 2008, September has been alluring thousands of bass and sound system fans who come from all over the world to the center of their pilgrimage at 18th-century Fort Punta Christo, where attend a new edition of Outlook festival takes place.


From Party People to Party People

The festival began in 2008 when a group of people running clubs in Leeds, UK, decided to organize a party event for the circle of friends and few hundred regular visitors to their clubs. This little event, with effective organization and planning, has grown over the years and evolved into an established and awarded music event on the European festival scene. This four-day festival is famous for being the largest bass music and sound system culture festival in Europe, featuring underground dance music and genres such as dubstep, drum’n’bass, house, techno, reggae, dub, hip-hop, electronica and others.


All about That Bass

Every edition of this four-day festival brings along the increase in the number of stages. The last edition of the festival had nine stages featuring the best artists of the state-of-the-art dance scenes. The Harbor Arena is the venue that hosts live performances and the stars of the festival. The Moat, a long venue located in the Fort, with its 7yd tall walls towering over the excited crowd and performers, is a unique stage where one can literally feel the bass shaking their body while it echoes off the walls. The void is a lovely plain that has served as a perfect place for installing the sound system and staging some of the line-up performers.

The Clearing is a stage that is located in the centre of the triangle bordered by the campsite, the fort and the harbor. The amazing musical programming and the spacious clearing make this stage one of the most favorite dancing venues. Mungo’s Arena is the home of Hi-fi Sound system, transported from Scotland for the purposes of this festival.

This stage hosts some of the most emotionally charged parties and festival showcases. Fort Arena is yet another stage with impressive sounds system and legendary light show, which both reverberate off the 20ft tall walls. Noah’s Ballroom is a stage where the sound system dances with the amazing special effects, thus creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that everyone are so in love with. The Garden is one of the recently introduced stages, located outside of the fort at the little clearing in the woods. The beach is the venue that most closely resembles the chill zone of the festival where most of the daily activities and parties take place. The relaxing soundtrack is a perfect background for dining, sunbathing or enjoying in water sports.


The Power of the Sound

Some of the best sound systems are installed at the festival such as Void’s Incubus System, Martin Audio’s Longbow and notorious NCA Sound system. This amazing equipment has greatly increased the quality of sound, thus presenting the performance of the artists such as Gentleman’s Dub Club, Congo Natty, Busta Rhymes, Jam Baxter, Eliphino, Channel One & Prince Fatty, Skream, Benga, DJ Mr Scruff, Digital Mystikz, Johnny Clarke, Pharoahe Monch, Horace Andy, etc. in its full glory.

Outlook festival is a round-the-clock rave where people feel the amazing vibe of the excellent music in a wonderfully arranged setting.  High expectations are hold for every new edition of the Outlook Festival. See whether the next one will exceed them.