A Croatian festival Mecca, the isle of Pag, has got another great, world-class music festival, Fresh Island Festival, to be proud of. The first edition of the festival was launched in 2012. Today, the festival allures thousands of hip-hop lovers who come all over the globe to party with the best-known hip-hoppers in the world.

It’s All about Hip-Hop

Fresh Island festival is a dream come true for all the hip-hop fans who were hoping that one day there will be a place where the members of hip-hop subculture would meet and express themselves through their talent. Fresh Island Festival is just that kind of a place. Annually held on Zrce Beach near Novalje on the Isle of Pag, it welcomes all the b-boys, b-girls, graffiti writers, hip-hop performers, MCs and DJs and is a three-day getaway for everyone who wants to enjoy hip-hop and R&B music in a breath-taking summer resort.

Turn the Swag On!

The festival kicks off with the Welcome Party at Kalypso Club, which is just a teaser, announcing the real thing.  This party is followed by the grand opening night and shows starting around midnight and running to the dawn. The second and third day of the festival usually features daily and afternoon parties, as well as the boat cruise party and similar activities that change with every new festival edition. The powerful sound system shakes up every cell in one’s body and set it moving to the rhythm of the best pieces of hip-hop genre.

Fresh Island festival has featured the cream of hip-hop performers, such as Nas, A$AP Rocky, Eve, Iggy Azalea, Rick Ross, Snoop Dog, Madcon, Method Man & Redman, DJ Maxx, Mobb Deep, Yas Cepeda etc. who all shared their positive feelings about this unique festival.  The open-air stages are set in the legendary clubs Papaya and Aquaris, which host majority of evening and late-night performances. Due to the great interest for the festival, the third edition of the festival introduced another stage set on Zrce Beach.

Let’s Groove!

In addition to the performances at official stages, the festival organizers have arranged extra activities such as After Beach Party, Sunset Boat Party as well as pool parties where water cools down the heated atmosphere. Over the past editions of the festival dozens of international DJ sets have been hired to keep the afternoon parties in the full swing.

Beside music, the festival promotes other aspects of hip-hop culture. The second edition of the festival included Adria Dance Camp, an international dance camp organized in the cooperation with dance crew Atomic Dance Factory. The camp offered the audience its own set of shows and battles of dancers, as well as the master dance classes with Kid David, Mike Song, J. Lo’s personal choreographer, Tight Eyez, Koko Sugawara and other prominent R&B and hip-hop dance instructors.

Come exhausted and leave fresh, this is what this festival offers to you. So, let’s hit the floor!