Private Getaway at For Festival, Croatia

For Festival is an annually held festival that takes place in the second half of June. The festival offers to its visitors a unique, intimate experience of a music festival situated on the most beautiful island of the Adriatic Sea, Hvar.  The idyllic Mediterranean scenery, the sound of turquoise water washing the shores and the old city architecture dating from 16th and 17th centuryjust add to this island’s charm.  For Festival is a perfect destination for people enjoying classy manner of entertainment.

Quality over Quantity

For Festival was founded in 2013 by Modular Recordings. The founders’ vision was to organize a non-traditional music festival where people could enjoy the music in an intimate atmosphere.In order to secure this, the organizers have limited the number of visitors to around 2000 attendees. This decision showed that the organizers have placed the quality of experience at the core of the festival. With such a vision, it is not surprising that the first edition of the festival earned a place on the list of 10 best European Summer festivals of 2013 published in Forbes Magazine.

Venues and Program

The music program of the festival is eclectic in its nature, with the repertoire ranging from pop over indie to dance and electronic music. The careful selection of performers such as Solange, Nicolas Jaar, Tame Impala, James Murphy, Darkside, Klaxons, Mark Ronson (Dj set), Movement, Ghost Culture etc.

The program of the festival is staged at three venues on Hvar, which allows the visitors to move around the island and experience different music in different setting. Carpe Diem Beach is a restaurant-lounge-bar at the island of Stipanska where festival-goers can attend some of the afternoon parties as well as the night program. Ammo Beach Bar is another great place that offers afternoon fiesta starting from 4 p.m. and running to 8 p.m.  The evening program usually takes place from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Veneranda Club, a former monastery converted into a nightclub. Veneranda Club is the “main stage” of the For Festival and it hosts live performances every festival evening. A late night program, at Carpe Diem Beach, which is only a boat ride away from Veneranda, follows the evening program running from 11 p.m. to dawn.

The charm of Hvar

Apart from gritty exuberance of the architecture set in the beautiful natural landscape, the island of Hvar offers plenty of activities to do during daytime. The turquoise water surrounding the island is perfect for sailing or swimming, kayaking or simply floating on the water in the swimming areas.  Those more active and outdoorsy may take part in free climbing, bike tour of the island or take a boat ride to one of the neighboring islets. What should not be missed is definitely wine tasting at one of the local wineries and a lazy lunch during afternoon siesta, enjoying the delicious local dish. Imagine all of this, while the music is blaring in the background. Paradise, isn’t it?