Honoring 15-year Anniversary, EXIT team has organized for the first time the Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro. The festival took place on Jaz Beach, near Budva, renowned Montenegrin holiday resort and one of the oldest cities on Adriatic coast.  Taking place immediately after EXIT, the Sea Dance Festival was organized as a part of the EXIT Adventure initiative to promote the positive change and youth activism in the Balkan region.


The first edition of theSea Dance festival can boast of wide diversity of the music program performed on several stages, set to provide a tremendous fun for the audience.

At the main stage, the festival audience could enjoy the music program from three most visited and favored EXIT stages. The program included performances from EXIT main stage, EXIT X-Bass program & UKF and Fusion Stage and performers such as Jamiroquai, Underworld, and Example. The festival-goers could find spiritual retreat in the sandy auditorium of the Reggae Stage and the music of Chay Nelle, Soul Vibes, Irie Revolution Sounds and many others. In addition to the Reggae Stage, other party venues include Party Cinema Stage and Silent Dance. The popularity of Silend Dance has been increasing over the last couple of years. The party crowds all over the globe seem to enjoy dancing in the crowd to the music that one listens to on their headphones. Dance Paradise is the Dance Arena of Sea Dance festival. The concept is the same, though the location differs. The top-class DJs and music producers made sure that all the fans of electronic music enjoy the round-the-clock parties on the sandy dance floor of Sea Dance festival. Those festival-gores interested in dancing their souls out to exotic beat of hot Mediterranean and Latino sound could do so at Latino Stage.

In contrast to the raving stages, the festival also had a Chill Zone. The combination of interactive design with colorful lighting design resulted in unique, almost magical atmosphere where people could just hang out, and enjoy.


Adriatic Sea, blue-flag beaches, hot Mediterranean climate, cold cocktails and a great music- sounds like a recipe for a superb fun. And it is. Situated on the one of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches, this festival offers a unique experience of the seaside fiesta. Moreover, it is a rave in the scorching sun, cooled down by the Mediterranean breeze. It is an escape to Paradise, a complete surrender to the pounding rhythm of electronic beat.

Furthermore, the nearness of Budva offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing. The old town in Budva is one of the oldest towns and settlements on the Adriatic coast. Narrow alleys, cobbled paths and the scent of Mediterranean air will overwhelm you as you explore the quant, gritty streets. A former royal seaside residence Miločer and numerous churches are just of the historical treasure that Budva offers to its tourists. The nightlife is just as equally rich. A night-out in  some of Budva’s finest clubs such as Top Hill, Trocadero or Opera is a unique experience of summer craze.